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Chiyoda's job

concept of recruitment

Making the customer's wishes a reality

We eagerly await hearing from people who want to join us in the challenge of becoming the most loved company in Japan.

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Career Introduction

Various Career

Web Developers(Designers, Coders, and Programmers ※)

We are currently recruiting staff that are indispensable for running a website, such as web designers, coders, and programmers.
After we hire you, we will have you run, update, improve, and fix issues with our corporate website, along with other related websites.
We will also have you make improvements to our web based content using the data we retrieve with our access analysis tools.
You will not perform all duties alone, but rather you will work with an independent spirit while cooperating and discussing your opinions with other team members, such as designers, programmers, and coders, in order to produce an ever better website.

【Required Skills】
・Experience using Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and FTP tools in a work environment.
・Programmers need to be able to use PHP and Javascript to structure and improve web content.
・Coders need to be able to do responsive design based on HTML5.

【Good Skills to Have】
・Being able to use Jquery to customize content.
・Being able to make materials in powerpoint.
・Being able to present a portfolio or URL through which we can confirm your skills and experience.
・We would be happy if you are willing to share your opinions openly while you work on a project.

※※Involved in web management and management mainly on program remodeling (JavaScript, PHP, etc.)

Web Promotion Staff(Social Networking and Related Content Specialists)

Of late social networking sites such as Instagram have become a major tool through which companies are gaining new customers. Chiyoda believes that such social network based content is an important element of product promotion, and is currently looking for staffmembers that can take on the responsibility of managing these promotions.
The main tasks that will be expected of you vary quite a bit, but you will be expected to investigate articles that have been posted online, maintain an awareness of user habits, and analyze websites using methods based on PDCA. You will be able to use your experience to maximum effect, and it will be possible to further develop your skills in this position..

【Required Skills】
・Experience posting content to social networking sites.
・Being able to use analysis tools such as Google Analytics.

【Good Skills to Have】
・Experience working with advertisements related to social networking sites.
・Experience promoting something using information based on PDCA and other such methods.

Brick and Mortar Store Development (Branch Development and Store Design)

You will have the responsibility of dealing with all work related to establishing new store locations, improving store designs, shutting down store locations, and negotiating agreements and contracts. We will have you manage the entire process of opening up new stores, from investigating possible locations, negotiating with the owners of those locations, and making arrangements for equipment and supplies to be delivered to the location, through to the actual store opening.

【Content of Duties】
・Developing new store locations
Making plans for store openings, documenting investigations about the potential benefits of a new location and the location's potential to bring in profits, contracting, managing the installation of in-store equipment and displays, and managing budgets.
・Re-examining the contracts of existing store locations
Negotiating new contracts, contracting, creating documents detailing re-designs of existing store locations, managing the design and installation of in-store displays, managing budgets, and other various store location support.

【Good Skills to Have】
Experience developing multiple store branch locations, experience obtaining useable space, and experience developing roadside stores as well as stores in commercial institutions..


You will be responsible for all work related to product purchasing.

You will do such things as planning how much of what to buy based on each season's trends and the available marketing data, improving the rate of product consumption, and purchasing new or supplemental products.

【Content of Duties】
・Plan and propose product line-up.
・All work related to the purchasing and receiving of products.
・All work related to cooperating with product producers to create products (planning, ordering, and receiving management).
・Deciding the ratios of each item.
・Market research.
・Negotiating prices.
・Creating materials to explain products at store fronts.
・Cultivating business relations with potential new suppliers.
・Other work related to purchasing.

【Good Skills to Have】
Experience working as a buyer, strong communication skills and great messaging skills, the ability to work independently, and a desire to work in a challenging environment.

Area Manager

You will be responsible for running your appointed area's branch locations, and all general management work.
You will analyze each location's challenges, resolving issues by working closely with each location. You will also play the role of bridge between the branch locations and headquarters for issues that cannot be resolved at location.

【Content of Duties】
・Propose and plan target sales figures goals for each location, then accomplish those goals.
・Unify management of branch staff.
・Establish positive relations with developer and department store supervisors.
・Decide budgets for each branch location and manage sales of each location.
・Plan and propose promotional events for major store locations, and manage staff of each department involved in the running of the event.
・Report to headquarters about various categories (sales figures, information about competing companies, etc.).
・Coordinating with headquarters.

【Good Skills to Have】
・Experience working as a branch manager, experience working as a manager, and experience working as a supervisor.
・You will be more strongly considered if you have experience managing multiple store locations.

Manager (branch management)
※Those with management experience will have priority.

You will be responsible for general store operation management including customer service and sales.
Your main duties will be the management of store operations.
Your duties will be various, so you will be able to develop a wide range of skills and you will feel yourself growing at a swift pace.

【Content of Duties】
・Customer service on location.
・Visual merchandising (creating product displays).
・Managing inventory, products, and customers.
・Managing sales, budget, and expenditure.
・Staff management (arranging work shifts, developing the skills of staff members).

【Good Skills to Have】
・Priority will be given to those with experience managing a store.
・Flexibility and good communication skills.

Shop Staff

You will be responsible for all work related to on location customer service and sales.
We are looking for people with knowledge of apparel and fashion who are looking to make use of their knowledge and experience in their work at our stores, which often deal with parents and their children as well as whole families.

◎Career advancement opportunities may be available in the future!
You can plan a multifaceted career here, as it may be possible to step up into location manager, area manager, buyer, human resources, or corporate headquarters positions!

【Content of Duties】
・On location customer service.
・Visual mechandising (creating product displays) related work.
・Managing products and inventory, as well as customers.
・Staff management work (arranging shifts, developing the skills of staff members)

【Good Skills to Have】
Being able to work independently and having a bright personality that fits with our atmosphere.

About 03

Entrance Requirements list

Application for employment

Entrance requirements list

A function

Web Developers(Designers, Coders, and Programmers ※)
Web Promotion Staff(Social Networking and Related Content Specialists)
Brick and Mortar Store Development (Branch Development and Store Design)
Area Manager
Manager (branch management)
Shop Staff

※Involved in web management and management mainly on program remodeling (JavaScript, PHP, etc.)
Work location

[Headquarters] Fujisawa Building, 5th floor, Ogikubo 4 cho-me 30-16, Suginami-ku, Tokyo-to.

※Location managers (branch managers) and shop staff will be assigned to a branch, but we will do our best to accommodate you on which branch.
Business hours

Eight‐hour day


Negotiation necessary (we will decide based on your experience and abilities)

Day off・A regular holiday

107 days a year, including paid leave, special leave, refreshment leave, parental leave, and eldercare leave.

Compensation package

Annual raises, 2 bonuses a year, full social welfare and insurance coverage, retirement plans, full coverage of commuting costs, employee stock ownership plans, employee discounts, and tax-free asset-making savings.

Job application

Please send the following two documents via e-mail or snail-mail to the address under "Address to Send Application Documents."

1. Your CV (rirekisho).
2. Your resume (shokumukeirekisho).

※After reviewing each resume, we will only contact those who we will be interviewing regarding how we will proceed to the next step.
※We cannot return any documents sent to us.

Address of the Job application

Chiyoda Joint Stock Company Human Resources Department, Recruitment
Fujisawa Building, 5th floor, Ogikubo 4 cho-me 30-16, Suginami-ku, Tokyo-to,

Click here to apply via e-mail or to contact us with questions.