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Carrying on our traditions into the future
Adapting to change with a spirit of taking on new challenges
My mission as the president is to adapt with speed to changes in our markets

Chiyoda has grown throughout its history by adhering to the three “C’s” of our corporate philosophy: change (adapting to changes in our operating environment), challenge (taking on the challenge of entering new business domains), and competition (friendly competition within our group).

Chiyoda has been fostering this spirit consistently since the start of operations 82 years ago. When we were established in 1936, very few Japanese companies wrote their names using the katakana Japanese alphabet rather than Chinese characters. Furthermore, Chiyoda immediately began building a product lineup based on foresight such as the belief that children’s shoes would become an important part of the shoe market in Japan. My most important mission is to continue building on this spirit that defines Chiyoda in order to advance to the next step based on my personal motto of “acting with speed.”

I am placing particular priority on two themes: globalization and customer generations. Global competition is becoming increasingly fierce. To succeed, Chiyoda must quickly achieve “global optimization” by procuring merchandise on a global scale and ensuring that these procurement activities match the requirements of our stores nationwide. I will place particular emphasis on our stores. Chiyoda must select merchandise and alter sales strategies to reflect the needs of every customer generation: seniors, families and young people. My goal is to create sales areas that incorporate customer feedback in every way possible.

Meeting the expectations of our customers means enhancing the enjoyment of walking by eliminating problems and other sources of stress involving shoes. We have created shoes that “breath” to stay cool in summer heat, functional heels that are stylish while preventing fatigue, and shoes that provide exercise for specific muscles simply by walking. We remain dedicated to developing private brand merchandise that solves problems as only Chiyoda can. Everyone at the Chiyoda Group will work even harder at improving the lives of our customers by creating and selling these innovative products.

Koji Funahashi
President & CEO Chiyoda Co., Ltd.

President & CEO Koji Funahashi

President & CEO Koji Funahashi

Koji Funahashi, the president and CEO of Chiyoda, is the oldest son of Chiyoda chairman Masao Funahashi. Koji Funahashi was born in the Koenji district of Tokyo in 1962, the same place that Chiyoda decided to begin establishing a chain of stores. He worked in part-time positions at Chiyoda stores during his high school and college years. During this time, he had a strong interest in music and fashion. After graduating from Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and Economics, he joined an advertising agency, Hakuhodo Inc., in 1985 where he gained experience in account executive. Due to a growing interest in business operations, he left the advertising agency to join Chiyoda in 1990. After receiving an MBA degree from Indiana University in 1993, he was assigned to front-line positions such as store manager and group manager. He also gained experience as an area manager and a buyer. Subsequently, he became a general manager and was elected a Chiyoda director in 1999. In 2001, he was named the general manager of sales for Mac-House Co., Ltd. and then became a senior managing director of this company and general manager of the Administration Division. In 2009, he was named president and CEO of Mac-House, where he supervised the recovery of this company’s operations following the financial crisis. Koji Funahashi was named president and CEO of Chiyoda in 2013.

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