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Each and every employee putting “customers first” and
contributing to the prosperity and happiness of our local customers through shoes.
That is our mission as a shoe-loving company.

Ever since Chiyoda’s establishment in 1936, we have always thanked our customers for their support. Our company has grown under the primary management philosophy of contributing to the local community through customer satisfaction.
“What should I do in order to make comfortable shoes and maximize customer satisfaction?”
Each and every one of the members of our store staff and employees working at headquarters always ask themselves this question and tries take the appropriate action.

Chiyoda’s corporate philosophy features the four Cs.
“Change (adapting to changing times)”:
        Always respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers.
“Challenge (taking on the challenge of entering completely new fields)”:
        Perceive customers’ potential expectations swiftly and engage in new fields bravely.
“Competition (friendly competition within our company)”:
        Promote friendly competition through proposing ideas that will benefit our customers and behaving accordingly.
“Communication (conversation, sharing, and consideration to others)”:
        Focus on communicating with our customers and sharing information within the company.

Implementing these four Cs with resolve, we will strive towards creating stores and products that fully reflect the opinions of our customers as well as our store staff.

Meeting the expectations of our customers means enhancing the enjoyment of walking and running by alleviating problems and other sources of stress involving feet and shoes. We offer shoes that are suitable under the various seasonal temperatures and climates of places around Japan, stylish and fatigue-preventing pumps for working women, dress shoes for global businessmen that enhance agility just like sneakers do, light-weight walking shoes for active elderly people that will make them want to go out and walk, and much more. We remain dedicated to developing private brand products that solve problems in Chiyoda’s original way. Everyone at the Chiyoda Group will work even harder to improve the lives of our customers by creating and selling these innovative products.

We ask for your continuous support.

Shoji Sawaki
President & CEO Chiyoda Co., Ltd.

President & CEO Shoji Sawaki

President & CEO Shoji Sawaki

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